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MIND BLOWING UPDATE - Dr Katherine Horton Targeted Individual Returns To #VLTV:

Alienist Organised Crime - Document Everything To Put Real Psychopaths In Prison

Denial of Denial:
The Collective Denial of Evil and its Impact on Psychiatric Treatment - Sheri Heller
― with Tracy Malone and Sheri Heller:

"The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine" ― by Mark Passio:

"The Whole Law System Is Truly Evil." ― Michael Lancaster,
(Organic Portals, Matrix Control System, Karma, Family Dynamics, Self Empowerment, Path to Awakening)

Pernicious Psychological Abuse and Torture:
The Effects of Gaslighting” ― Christine Louis de Canonville

"Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves" ― by Annie, (Gentlekindness Coaching)

Psychopathic Legalist Commandments - Obey The Rules: Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves  |  'Commandments cannot give you what you seek, Christian. It will only be a reminder, that you are not able to keep them all. Legality can never rid you of your burden you know. -- When legality comes toppling down, we are catapulted to the way. The way that ah... you left off following.' ― Evangelist [John Rhys-Davies] in The Pilgrim's Progress (2019)

Gnostic / Gnosis: "God gave many commandments and from them came so many rules. Christ gives only one commandment: love thy brother and thy sister as thy self. You see if we all do this we are not in need of any other rules. Christ and god are not as one. As a matter of fact Christ came here around two thousand years ago to get rid of him." ― Mark Cordova, (The Secret and the Truth of the Ages)

Hyper-religious / Legalistic: "Do they love God and truth, or are they only hyper-religious and legalistic? That's another thing. Does a person have love in their heart, like do they care? -- Does their ideas about god and faith, is it about... really loving people and being compassionate and being helpful? Or is it all about... hyper-religious, and laws and rules and... a rigid kind of thinking, of they get so caught up in... rules and regulations and... cutting people off" ― Deborah Waters, Niches of Narcissism, (33 Questions You MUST Start Asking To Screen For Narcissists)

Identifying the Psychopath: “Join Michael and David for an in depth discussion about a pressing and vital subject. What are the differences between Mystic-Sages and Psychopaths? Even if you never encounter a full blown psychopath, you will meet neurotics, obsessive-compulsives, sado-masochists, schizophrenics, narcissists and energy vampires. How can you effectively defend yourself against their cunning devices? Michael and David provide a detailed help list to assist and empower you to effectively detect and overcome the evil in our midst.” ― unslaved, (Episode 51: Sage Vs. Psychopath - How to Tell the Difference)

Ruling / Con•trolling: "Workplace Mobbing is engineered to cause offense and distress to a targeted individual or targeted group: 'Mobbing causes prejudice, withholds information in order for you not to complete your job, isolates you physically and socially, holds meetings about your work without your presence, changes rules frequently, portrays the victimized person as being at fault, engineered to discredit, confuse, intimidate, and force the person into submission, and committed with the intent to force the person out.' (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott. 1999, 41-44)." ― ExposeAustinTexas, (Workplace Mobbing, Institutional Racism, Gang Stalking, Personality Disorders, and Malfeasance.)

Ruling Opportunists: "The defining factor with every narcissist is a complete disconnect from conscience resulting in a total lack of empathy. Narcissists cannot feel remorse; instead, they receive pleasure from hurting others. Those who have empathy cannot possibly be a narcissist. -- Narcissists have only the cruelest intentions and typically place themselves in positions of power; lawyer, doctor, government, clergy, administration, CEO, business owner so they can exercise their superiority over others and the abuse of power can begin. Some victims become completely dependent on the narcissist for their survival. Narcissists use this to their advantage as they manipulate everyone, fooling even those closest to them, while their ulterior motives go undetected. They feed their victim a stream of lies and expect it to be embraced as reality; the victim mixes the narcissist's lies with their own reality. A stream of false accusations is presented, which wears down the victim over time and sparks some intense emotional reactions. Victims are left trying to make sense of it all while they are constantly on guard, trying to defend something that doesn't exist. The narcissist wants the victim to appear crazy and unstable and will use their emotional outburst to back up this claim." — 'The Gaslighting Effect: A Revealing Look at Psychological Manipulation and Narcissistic Abuse' — by Reva Steenbergen, (This book is dedicated to victims of abuse who didn't make it out alive. May their voices echo through the pages of this book.)

Unsane Society: “…in our particular age, we need to be understanding something about the anatomy of evil, if we're ever going to see the back of evil, ever to be rid of it once and for all. And in professional circles, we notice that experts are loathed to even use the term evil. We hear them speak of brain disease, mental derangement, antisocial behavior and even insanity. We might question that these institutions that ostensibly, are there to cure these disorders, also profit from them, profit from their existence. Some argue, that they manufacture disease. And the low levels of success that they have with treating depression and suicide, is in my opinion, based on their fundamental misconceptions about pathology. We hear a lot about disorders, but, when do we ever hear about energy, or bioenergy, or chi or prana, or life force? And we live in a sea of other people, a plasma of human beings. And we go around assuming that our energy is similar to other people. Well, we are rationally going around thinking that just because someone is nice, they must have a conscience. Well, when it comes to vampires, they may be nice... but they have no conscience, and don't care about your welfare at all. They are the chameleons, the human predators, the parasites if you will. And they're very hard to detect. All manner of experts and psychiatrists, have been duped by their facade. The information we present here, will be a great help to you, should you suffer at their hands. But even if you never encounter a full blown vampiristic type, you may find yourself at some point, in the company of neurotics, narcissists, and sociopaths. Again, this information that we provide now, will be a great help. Now this research takes us to the heart of human psychology, to the heart of who we are. Ultimately, it's about how to stay sane in an unsane world. […] Psychologists like Eric Fromm, are really aware that these so called disorders, are basically surface disorders. They themselves have a deeper etiology. A deeper and earlier cause. They overlie something even more profound, even more deeply seeded in the psyche. Fromm says that; 'most of the symptoms that are given by mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists for people, are themselves but side effects of deeper psychic issues. So when we hear terms like depression, or split personality, or obsessive compulsive etc, we think that this explains something. When it only partially diagnoses the situation. A greater existential condition exists, below these comfortably vague technical phrases.' […] When it comes to the actual origin of these so called disorders, we've already seen that they grow out of a chronic need for approval, as well as the avoidance of self knowledge. They arise from our misuse of free will. Because some have argued, that free will, only applies to whether we choose to be ourselves or not. And that's worth repeating again, that's right, many philosophers, many psychologists have said look, the only free will you really have, is the free will to decide whether you're going to be yourself or not. […] Arno Gruen lets us know that if we have a false self, we will probably experience false love. He says; 'a man fights for a self that is not a true self, it's only a shell, dependant on abstractions that do not serve life itself, but rather its concealment. The great misfortune, is that disregarding what our heart tells us, we live according to the ideology of a mutilated self, going along with preprogrammed kinds of love, that are not love at all. In addition, there are people who play, as it were, a game within a game of being loved. They, are the truly evil ones. They hide their actions behind the lie of being loving, and in so doing, manage to get by.' […] We've seen that the medical profession, is certainly interested in perpetuating sickness. Or if not even manufacturing, these disorders. Ties in with our comments on society, doesn't it?” ― Michael Tsarion, (Psychic Vampirism: The Roots Of Evil Exposed)

"If somebody has no legal obligation to you but only a moral obligation to you, in business, they will treat you badly. And the reason they will treat you badly, is to assuage their guilt, they need to demonize you, and turn you into something that is less than human." ― Richard Grannon, (The Zombie Witchdoctors of Narcissistic Abuse)

"This is the only page to gets to the truth of what narcissists really are which is soulless portals for interdimentional energy vampires. The whole system is set up to protect them." ― Sonya Keville, (Exposing Energy Vampires - Dehumanization: A Narcissist's Ultimate Manipulation Tool)

"Dark Occultists control Human perception by controlling available information, how much easier it is to turn people toward the service and goals of Evil than toward the service and goals of Good because of their colossal ignorance, Ignorance is the root of all Evil, all human beings within Government are Bad People and so are those who condone Government, Nescience vs. Ignorance, the Truth is not really hidden, Humanity is in the time of cosmic Judgement, what does it mean to be a truly Good Person, the Objective difference between Right behavior and Wrong behavior, Moral Relativism is the Destroyer of ALL Freedom, Internal contradictions within Human Consciousness, most human beings are not truly Good People, Intention is ultimate meaningless and Action is ultimately all-important, the endless excuses people make for not learning Objective Morality and doing the Great Work, Complicity in Evil through Silence, Complicity in Evil through Cowardice, the Generative Principle of Care, the Great Work, Service to Truth" ― Mark Passio, (What On Earth Is Happening)

"The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy." ― Martha Stout, Ph.D., (author of 'Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door: How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless Manipulator')

"They have chosen their path and like psychopaths view love and acceptance by others as vulnerabilities to exploit. Anyone who has personally experienced how psychopaths operate knows that they abuse kindness rather than respect it, and this scales up to the psychopaths comprising the human elite controllers and negative alien factions." ― Montalk, (Discerning Alien Disinformation: PART IV - Elements of the Core Deception: 12. Glorifying the alien image and appealing to sympathy)

"The most guarded secrets behind the aliens, New World Order agenda and the parasitic Archontic game plan revolves around the combination of satanic psychic vampirism and high technology. This high technology has also been referred to as black meta-technology because it combines elements of ritual black magic, nano technology, mind control; genetic manipulation and alien implant technology. Truly a soul oppressing combination and in my view, a great threat to humanity. Unless, of course, we wake up and start taking responsibility for our own freedom." ― Project Avalon, various authors, (Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: Alien interferences by Dr Malanga)

"I believe many hosted people are considered to suffer from psychiatric diseases like personality disorders, (Like narcissistic, sociopath-EL) psychotic behavior even the problems have different etiology than in normal F-code (DSM) diagnosis. In my opinion the hosting occurs within the orchestrated relationships." — Maarit, (Alien Love Bite / Reptilian Hosting: The Alien Possession of a Human)

"...the entire persona of the NPD is a big lie. That being so, I have come to believe that NPD is not a psychological disorder at all, but a moral and spiritual disorder. -- Philosopher René Descartes wrote that 'willful deception evinces maliciousness and weakness.' A person does not deceive without thinking about and willing it. One does not lie unless one intends to hide the truth, which means that one knows that one is being deceptive. Nor can the NPD put together and maintain the elaborate and intricate NPD syndrome of attributes (e.g., using others for self-aggrandisement, attractive social mask, secrecy, evasion, lying, scapegoating, etc.) without conscious effort. -- The malignant narcissist is more than immoral, she/he is evil." ― Dr. Maria Hsia Chang, Professor, (Pathological Narcissism - A Spiritual Disorder)

"When we dissect the cardinal sins, we will discover that these creatures are nothing but Satanists divided into obfuscated categories by immoral psychiatrists. -- There is no difference between a psychopath, and a narcissist. Only an immoral & atheistic psychiatric doctrine could ever come up with so much as a trivialization to what is going on. -- So what makes a narcissist not a sociopath? Minute differentiations in arbitrary crimes, made legal by generic meaningless details. -- There is absolutely no difference between a narcissist & a sociopath whatsoever, except that a sociopathic diagnosis is required they destroy people using some methods that a narcissist may not." ― Brian Bryant

"Many people believe they're immune from the effects of narcissistic abuse…until they get fired from their job, their pet is harmed or killed, they have a psychotic breakdown, or their child commits suicide due to constant verbal assaults and being made to feel unworthy." ― Kim Saeed, (The Chaos Theory of Narcissistic Abuse)

“What is a narcissist, you might ask. Are you controlled by one? Narcissists are the most confusing (and dangerous) people on earth. If they are toxic or malignant narcissists, they take control and rob you of your independence in every way. Don't confuse a garden variety selfish person with a full on narcissist or sociopath.” ― Leslie Glass, (10 Ways Narcissists Take Control)

"The victim gets into a spellbound state because of cognitive dissonance – the brain cannot comprehend how an absolutely loving person can suddenly turn violent or indifferent. This is incomprehensible to the human mind because humans don't act this way. And since most victims do not know that psychopaths aren't humans, this causes a sort of split in the mind which puts the person into a highly vulnerable and suggestible state. […] I recently heard that the end goal of all psychopaths is to make their victims die in some way, and I totally agree with that. […] When the victim feels recovered and happy again, the psychopath strikes the blow again. And this trauma bonding may go on for years, until the victim is totally destroyed." ― Simona Rich, (HOW [Male & Female] PSYCHOPATHS OPERATE IN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS)

"Dark Powers  [Narcissistic Predatory] Emotional Vampires use hypnosis. Here's how to keep them from making you think you're a chicken. […] Vampires can't hurt you unless you invite them in; any 10-year-old knows that. But why in the world would anyone say to a vampire, 'Sure, come on in and give me a pain in the neck'?  If you have to ask, you don't know vampires.  In the movies, they float at your windows, and stare at you with those glowing, you-are-in-my-power eyes. In real life, they're a bit more subtle. They start with a killer first impression. Somehow, they look a little better than other people—more talented, more interesting, more competent, more caring, more glamorous, or just more fun. Then, they're easy to talk to. They seem to understand you right away, to know what you want. Even when you suspect smoke and mirrors, you almost believe that what you think you see is what you'll actually get.  In the movies and reality it's the same; the dark power that Emotional Vampires hold over normal people is hypnosis. […] To protect yourself, you need to recognize hypnotists when you see them, hopefully before you go into a trance. The strategies they use are the same whether they want to make you think you're a chicken, buy a used car, or get into bed with them. Here's how they do it  Misdirection  Hypnotists invite people to focus attention on them, not on what they're doing. Misdirection is the number one secret of hypnosis, whether it's practiced on a nightclub stage or in your office.  Hypnotic communication is purposely distracting and confusing. You're expected to give up trying to understand, turn off your critical thinking, and just go along.  Critical thinking is the most important tool you have for protecting yourself from Emotional Vampires. If you feel confused, don't do anything until you've figured out what's going on.  […]  Anyone can be a chicken. If you think you can't be hypnotized, you probably are already.  […]  PAY ATTENTION TO ACTIONS, NOT WORDS  […]  Look at what people do... not what they say." ― Albert J. Bernstein, Ph.D. (Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry ['Author Albert Bernstein offers tips on how to fend off your emotionally draining coworkers, and explains why they are so dangerous.' ― CBC NEWS])

“Through these torture moments, through these rituals, through these events... they get your heart... they get your mind. It all has to do with a focus point, it's hypnotism, it's all hypnotism from the nazi scientists after World War II. […] It's all hypnosis and tricking the mind, but if they get this way where they take your heart and your love […] then you'll basically―your emotions will drain. […] What they do is they tie the heart chakra energy, into the sacral sexual energy. This is how they exist in this life. When they participate in sexual, mental, or heart field energy, the only way they can feel love or heart energy―what we call life and awareness, is to torture, molest, and rape someone. That's how they do it. It's because when your heart is drained, love as an experience is just a sensation, it's just a binary sensation of contact… with self gratification―and the easiest ways to do that is to hurt somebody, or take it from them, and physically feel that person's energy going down as yours goes up, or theirs is. Most people can't do that, we're designed to see that and feel empathy. These people―these are essentially the psychopaths, but it goes much deeper than just a type of person or a brain thing. I'm pretty sure it's a brain parasite that has been here for thousands of years, but these are the psychopaths. […] They can't feel, there's no heart chakra there.” ― Aug Tellez, (Underground Bases Celebrity Cloning Trauma Based Mind Control)

"The narcissist is always trying to weasel their way into your head because once they've snuck-in they can control you. They gaslight routinely. They plant destructive messages and evil seeds of doubt. They belittle, criticize, embarrass and flatter. A confused, off-balance and insecure victim is easier to manipulate. Don't let the narcissist snack on you mentally. If you give them a taste, they will devour you whole. Malignant narcissists are mental predators who carefully study their prey. They are always watching and listening to you. They badger, bait and trap you. Don't let out information they can use to exploit you. Don't let in information they can use to control and manipulate you. Hone that mental filter because the narcissist NEVER means well. And you can count on this: once you let them into your head, they will never leave. They're like mental tapeworms. -- And the narcissist snake slithers in and out and around your headspace. The narcissist gaslights, humiliates and pokes at you in an effort to break you down so that you will confide in her. She salivates at the thought of obtaining more information to use against you. -- The narcissist would never consider themselves irritating. No, never. They're perfect. And once again, our natural reaction to their skeezy personality means that we have a problem. It's the gaslighting portion of their mental terrorism. As an ACoN (Adult Child of Narcissists) I'm done with intruders violating my headspace. It took me decades to exorcise the destructive messages that the narcissists dumped into my mind. I think that's why I am so adamantly opposed to analytic therapy for victims of narcissistic abuse. I came across two malignant narcissists in my search for answers and they tried to trash my mind. Just like all the other narcissists, they were warped weirdos, gaslighters and projection machines who were terrified of creative thinkers. What the hell gives them the right to enter my headspace?! The 'Dr.' before their names?! Fuck that! A predator is a predator. A con job is a con job. The so-called mental health profession is a PROFIT making enterprise and don't ever forget it. The bad ones are no better than the shady auto-mechanic who you take your car into, to fix a certain problem. The mechanic lifts the hood and tinkers around and creates another problem." ― Posted by Lisette - needing2know, (NEVER LET A NARCISSIST IN YOUR HEAD!!)

"The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic or Sociopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse and no caring towards human beings. They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm for their own amusement. -- To be able to understand the sociopathic sick mind of Archontic Deception systems, one would need to better understand the general attitude of an AD infected human or nonhuman (NAA) as having little to no remorse or empathy. -- The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy. We are in essence, in a struggle between human EMPATHS, and alien hybridized humans and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS." ― Lisa Renee, (NAA - Negative Alien Agenda or Negative Aliens Archon Group: Archontic Deception infected Human or Nonhuman)

"We are disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse which create split personalities that develop defense mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and psychopaths, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection. This weakness allows for easy satanic binding and manipulation. There is no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency." — Lisa Renee, (What are Spiritually Abusive Behaviors aka Archontic Deception (AD) Behaviors?)

"Soul Disconnected people behave in a similar manner to artificial intelligence robots, as they are shaped by mass media to make decisions based on survival and selfish desires, with no authentic thoughts or emotional states of their own making. Disconnection conveniently pushes forward the basic agenda of Psychology to be very effective in furthering the Transhumanism agenda. Today, if people are unhappy and disconnected from their mind and soul, they are given a pharmaceutical drug to take control over their bio-neurological system functioning, which leads to lifelong pharmaceutical dependencies and addictions. Administering synthetic drugs to impair bio-neurological functioning of the brain further impairs and damages the Soul body, making it nearly impossible for a person to experience Soul embodiment or perceive the nature of their Soul. -- Medical professionals and patients are indoctrinated to commit and accept the abuse of their fellow human being as appropriate, while stripping them of their human dignity, choice and wellbeing, all in the name of health care. The obvious motivation is that this greatly weakens and confuses many human beings, making them vulnerable to every kind of deception and dark manipulation. This leads to easy forms of mind control, social conditioning to accept anti-human behavior, taking mind altering pharmaceuticals, believing that a pill will cure problems, serious suffering while in disease states, and finally dark force possession." — Lisa Renee, (Anti-Soul Agenda)

"Returning to the four main obstacles which face the candidate for initiation, it is necessary to state that vanity is not only the narcissism of the individual, but also refers to his hollow knowledge—that knowledge which has neither content nor any truly essential, profound, or transcendental significance. Vanity and pride require that a person should constantly appear before others as having power, importance, or intelligence, which without doubt he does not possess. Pride is an infantile endeavor to fight against one's own weakness, assuming a strength one lacks. Egotism leads the individual to believe that he is the center of the Universe, and that all revolves around him. On the other hand, selfsufficiency is only ignorance of what one does not know. In summary, these defects make man exaggerate his own importance and believe himself to be superior to common mortals, looking down on all those who don't have his same educational level, social standing, or economic status. Only the experience of day-to-day living will eventually convince him that he is not as privileged as he had thought. The real harm that this situation creates regarding an individual's possibility of Hermetic evolution consists in his unconscious rejection of all he hears, except when it comes from people with an image, prestige, or fame superior to his own." ― John Baines, (THE STELLAR MAN)

"As an ex-Christian, I've witnessed how people of the Christian faith are already perfectly brainwashed for the coming new world rule. They want to destroy and discredit anyone who no longer believes as they do. That's exactly how archons want humans to behave – to be deadened to the conscience and do what some book tells them to, or to protect a cherished belief with violence. Now such destruction of ex-believers is done with word only, but this is only a step behind taking a violent action. And we know that Christians can murder as well, as witch-burning is a witness to that. When their awaited messiah comes, Christians will blindly follow his orders. And he will surely order to murder non-believers. Christians will gladly follow this order, thinking that a great reward awaits them for killing other human beings. The same will be done by Muslims and Hindus – huge carnage will be the result, with all terrible karma going to the ignorant humans and not the archons who simply move their human chess-pieces. Thus, archons won't even need to smear their own hands with blood – blind order-followers will do all their dirty work. Archons, being mere creatures, are bound by the same law of the universe as we are. Which means that they incur karma as much as we do. To avoid incurring heavier karma, they will order to do their dirty work for others. So blind humans who will carry out their orders will experience hell-worlds for such violence, but those evil creatures will experience less severe punishment because they didn't do the actual violence and thus they did not directly destroy life." ― Simona Rich, [HOW ARCHONS (REPTILIANS) USE RELIGIONS AND CONCEPTS TO ESTABLISH NWO]

"Because of exposing reptilians, David Icke's life is very difficult. He receives a lot of hatred and slander. […] You don't get greatly rewarded for serving the truth. […] Those people who stick to the truth may not have great wealth, but they are laying everlasting wealth for the afterlife, and their peace of mind provides more than enough comfort whilst they are on this earth. Those who are earth-bound cannot understand how could people labor for anything else but money. Thus, David Icke is misunderstood by many. Earth-bound people think him doing his seminars only for wealth. Their small minds cannot comprehend the fact that not all people are like them, and that some people actually get up in the morning to take action not for money but for the sake of truth. It's difficult for small minds to comprehend that a person could choose a very hard life consciously - just for the sake of opening the eyes of the blind and cruel masses. […] Earth-bound people measure everything by their own measures. They are unable to step into someone else's shoes due to their self-centered natures. Because of this inability, they are also unable to grow. They are unable to learn from others because they refuse to see the situation from the eyes of another. I receive many emails from people who think they know me. They don't even know themselves, let alone me. […] Did they go through the same life-changing experiences? Did they survive psychopathic abuse? Did they live alone in a totally different culture for many years? Did they experience full kundalini awakening? […] If they experienced all those things, maybe they would understand where I was coming from. And that's only maybe." ― Simona Rich, (SUN BEHIND THE SUN: Secret Teachings for Those on the Path)

"The days when people targeted by psychopaths were declared as 'unstable', 'hysterical' and 'over-acting' to the treatment they endured is coming to an end. They can no longer be silenced by being told "it was just a relationship that didn't work out - get over it!" They are refusing to be gaslighted by psychiatrists who - like the Inner Party member O'Brien from George Orwell's 1984 - inform the targets that they are the ones who need to be made sane - for a one thousand dollar consultation fee and some brain-dissolving chemicals, of course. Ordinary people who have been put through this experience have had enough. They are speaking out, writing books and creating blogs."Thomas Sheridan, (Author of 'DEFEATED DEMONS: Freedom from consciousness parasites in psychopathic society')

"FIND PEACE FROM THE PUZZLE   Emotional Abuse Recovery   [Treat the symptoms, but keep the problem?…]   The 'puzzle' is a double metaphor for both feeling puzzled and somehow fitting with the puzzle pieces causing it all! There's a toxic handshake between narcissistic people and emotional abuse. Peace from the Puzzle takes each element 'piece-by-piece… for peace.' With our psychologically-animated riddles, we build awareness and advocate for the decisive journey away from narcissistic personalities trying to 'make them fit' into their own dysfunctional jigsaw. So they finally find 'peace' from the puzzle! I believe there is a 'puzzle' in the way most professionals treat emotional abuse. Many doctors I compare to a Wheel of Fortune contestant, meaning they actually pretend like they cannot solve the puzzle yet. So they keep spinning, to collect more money (from the victim of emotional abuse). Prescriptions for depression, anxiety, and social issues to the victim. But they ignore the narcissistic relationship causing it all. Peace from the Puzzle is more uniquely devoted to the target of emotional abuse. We're an affordable resource for the social surgery to cure, rather than the medicine to cope. And we are helping many finally find 'peace from the puzzle.'" ― Jwyan C. Johnson, (The Riddle Of The Mind-Gamer: How to Unmask & Outsmart Narcissistic Abuse)

" the very bottom, is what I call the pseudoscience of psychiatry, which I also in private call 'weaponized blah blah'. And when you read these so called psychiatric statements, they're like essays written by a dumb child. It's just like, oh this is you know, 'let me tell you the little pro story I thought of when I met this person'. You know, it's ridiculous, they don't have any scientific standards, no calibration, no objectivity, it's just a story somebody thought up. Now, in science this has zero value. The way that I'm going to counter that, is, this is why I'm always looking for scientific evidence, it might look ridiculous, you know, when I put metal on, or when it's causing audio, you know, you can hear the shots, when you can see it make a dent, now that's proof. And no psychiatrist can ever explain it away. -- ...and also, it's not that rosy in their club either, because they also have their lives regulated. So actually, you know the top of the pyramid on the one dollar bill is actually just part of the structure. The real structure is the obelisk, and under the tip, you have the stem of the obelisk and then you've got the base, you know. We are in the base, and then the entire stem, that is the members of this crime cartel, but who are tightly organised, because a lot of them are psychopaths and thugs, you know." ― Dr. Katherine Horton, Particle Physicist, Former CERN Employee, (MIND BLOWING UPDATE - Dr Katherine Horton Targeted Individual Returns To #VLTV)

Opportunists: "psychiatry is 'largely racketeering, a neo-scientific cultism' ― Robert S Garber, MD"

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Machiavellian Premeditated Murder: "Narcissists Try to Destroy Empowering Paths – Empaths" ― by Wakeman

Descendants of Lux / Super•visors / Permanent Agents: "Are Narcissists Human" ― by Kim Wilson

Serial Killers, Sadists & Thieves: "Narcissists are murderers, who take far more than just people's lives." ― Peter Leyshan

Narcissists are Daemons: "Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts." ― Victoria Klein

Moral Compass: "That's what our emotions are for, they're compasses for our direction"Mark Passio

What Makes Narcissists Tick: "I call narcissists 'projection machines'."Kathy Krajco

Diabolical Narcissism: Episode 86: Malignant Narcissism & Authentic Shadow Work ― By unslaved

Spiritual Rapists: "Narcissism And The Occult With Ann Barnhardt" ― by Kim Wilson TV

'Soul Snatching' Death Cult•ure: "Narcissistic Scapegoating: Important stuff to know" ― by Battle Born Again

Confusion - The Long Con: Gaslighting and Confusion Tactics ― by Annie Mimi Hall, (

Gaslighting Confusion: "How Does The Narcissist Make You Feel? (Besides Crazy)" ― by Deborah Waters

WICKED is GOOD?: "The Inverted World of the Narcissist" ― by Battle Born Again

Bait and 𝒮witch Attack: "The narcissist's sick twisted mind will take the effect and make it the cause." ― Peter Leyshan

Safety First: "Some people actually committed suicide or were killed by the narcissist" ― Dr. Carmen Bryant

Stars and Black Holes: letting go of fixing people ― by TheraminTrees

Psychopathic Intra-Human Parasites: "Narcissists Can't Be Rehabilitated" ― by Anna Valerious

Identifying the Psychopath: Episode 51: Sage Vs. Psychopath ― By unslaved

Protect Yourself: from "Energy Vampires (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths)" ― by Giovanna Silvestre

Vicious Narc Alert: Why This Will Severely Damage The Narcissist (Psychology Of Covert Narcissism) ― by Dave

Narcissists and Cluster B "personality types", are a Danger to Public Health and Safety!

Ruled by Psychopaths: "psychopaths aren't humans"Simona Rich

Newspeak: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ― Voltaire

Inverted World Self-defence: "I didn't play by the rules, but there never were any rules." ― Casey [Jesse Eisenberg] in The Art of Self-Defense (2019)

Sick Twisted Mind Games: "Life is a Game for the Narcissist" ― by Sun Lion

Authoritarian Liar-archy: "Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." ― Elvis Presley

People of the Lie: "Truth is not what you want it to be. It is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie." ― Miyomato Musashi, 宮本武蔵

“If the truth has been forbidden, Then we're breaking all the rules” ― Emeli Sandé, (Read All About It, Pt. III)

“The Truth Is Always Right”#UNSLAVED

“The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” ― Saint Augustine

"Responsibility, that's what gives life meaning." ― Dr Jordan B Peterson, psychology professor

So what do we do? Quite frankly, expose them and don't react.” ― Bryan Kemila, (illuminatiMATRIX 06)

Peter Leyshan - Whist Echo, (SOüL)

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